Who Are We

The North Shore Water Commission (NSWC) operates and maintains the Water Filtration Plant at 400 West Bender Road in Glendale as well as the Raw Water Pumping Station located in Whitefish Bay. The NSWC is responsible for purifying and pumping potable water to its member utilities which include Fox Point, Glendale, and Whitefish Bay. Via a wholesale water agreement, water is also provided to some areas served by Mequon Water Utility. If you want to know more about water quality or this report, please contact the Plant Manager at (414) 963-0160 or by email.

Member Utilities

Water utilities are responsible for connecting customers to the water system, metering, and responding to distribution problems such as main breaks. If you are unsure checking your water bill. If you experience a water-related problem or have questions about your water bill, please contact your water utility for assistance.

  • Fox Point Water Utility: (414) 351-8900
  • Glendale Water Utility: (414) 228-1719
  • Whitefish Bay Water Utility: (414) 962-6690


The NSWC is a proud member of the following associations:

  • American Water Works Association
  • The Water Council
  • Water Research Foundation
  • West Shore Water Producers Association
  • Wisconsin Water Works Association


Fox Point, Glendale, and Whitefish Bay jointly own the facilities of the North Shore Water Commission and share the costs of water production and facility improvements.

The NSWC is governed by three appointed Commissioners and three Alternates with equal representation from Fox Point, Glendale, and Whitefish Bay. Each member is appointed by his/her respective municipality for a term of one year. Annually, the responsibilities of Chairman, Secretary and Member are rotated giving each community equal share of authority.

Under normal circumstances, the NSWC convenes monthly and reviews the operation and maintenance of the water treatment facility as well as water quality concerns. After discussion, the NSWC votes on proposed action, spending, and budgets. Capital improvements, such as the UV disinfection upgrade, must be unanimously approved and financed by the member communities.

Current Officials*

Fox Point:

Scott Botcher,, Chair
(414) 351-8900 manager@vil.fox-point.wi.us
Karen Schapiro, Alternate


Dave Eastman, Secretary
(414) 228-1746 d.eastman@glendale-wi.org
Rachel Reiss, Alternate
(414) 228-1705 R.Reiss@glendale-wi.gov

Whitefish Bay:

John Edlebeck, Member
(414) 962-6690 j.edlebeck@wfbvillage.org
Paul Boening, Alternate
(414) 962-6690 p.boening@wfbvillage.org


Eric Kiefer, Plant Manager
(414) 963-0160; info@northshorewc.com

*Officers from the member communities rotate positions annually at the May meeting.

Regular meetings are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8:00 AM in the conference room located at 400 West Bender Road, Glendale. The public is welcome to attend any of our meetings. Please note that they may be held at different times or locations. You can view the agenda on this website to find out more information about past or upcoming meetings. The agenda is typically posted 3 to 5 days prior to a meeting.

More Information about Water

For additional information about water quality on the internet, please visit WDNR’s website at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/DrinkingWater, the EPA’s website at http://www.epa.gov/safewater, or our website at http://www.northshorewc.com.
For more information about our member communities visit:
http://www.vil.fox-point.wi.us/, http://www.glendale-wi.org/, and http://www.wfbvillage.org/.


Revised and Restated Agreement for Water Supply System

A new agreement has be approved by the Village of Fox Point, City of Glendale, and Village of Whitefish Bay to replace the original agreement.

Revised and Restated Agreement for Water Supply System


Founding Agreement and Related Documents

The documents that are linked below are provided for information and convenience in computerized form. All readers or users are advised that the full and official text of such documents is on file at the North Shore Water Commission Offices, and available by request of the Plant Manager of the North Shore Water Commission.

Founding Agreement with Amendments

Supplementary Documentation Referenced in Amended Founding Agreement

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