Source Water Assessment

The North Shore Water Commission purifies water from Lake Michigan. The latest evaluation by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) indicates our source water quality is susceptible to pollution and contaminants. Preserving the water quality of Lake Michigan is essential to maintaining your drinking water quality.

Source Water Assessment (2002)

Annual Water Quality Report

The North Shore Water Commission, in cooperation with its member utilities, publishes a water quality report annually. The report is designed so you can clearly understand what’s in your drinking water and how to obtain additional information. Thank you for being a valued customer!

Annual Water Quality Report (2016) web format

Annual Water Quality Report (2016) pdf format

Annual Water Quality Report (2015),   Annual Water Quality Report (2014),   Annual Water Quality Report (2013)

Chloramine Conversion

In Fall 2008, the North Shore Water Commission switch from free chlorine to chloramines as secondary disinfectant in the distribution system. Find out more information about this conversion.

Chloramine Conversion Brochure (2008)

UV Disinfection

Our Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection system is designed as a barrier treatment. This means we are still using the same conventional water treatment processes as before to purify the water--UV has been added to provide additional protection.

UV Brochure (2007)


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